Pallet Compost Bin


Since our raised garden beds are enclosed by a fence to keep out rabbits, deer and chickens, it was a long walk through 2 gates to take garden waste to the compost bin, so I wanted one inside the garden to compost the stuff I couldn't feed the chickens or bunnies.

We have a pair of arctic kiwi vines growing on a rustic pergola and they made it too shady to grow anything underneath them so I decided this would be a good area to add a compost bin.

Since we're in the fireplace business we have a great selection of sturdy pallets available to us so I decided to put them to use.  I used 4 to create 3 sides and a top and simply wired them together - no tools needed! These were nice pallets that are all the same size so it worked out perfectly.  The top ended up being a brilliant addition because it provided slots to slide my garden tools into. And by inverting a couple of pans on top I can stash gloves and little hand tools easily while keeping them dry when it rains.

Here's the business side of the compost bin. I attached these old plastic trellises I had laying around and planted sweet peas to climb up them.


Below is the front side of the compost bin. It fits so tightly within the raised bed that I couldn't plant anything to grow up it so I made a hanging planter to decorate the front of it. This weeks some potato plants sprouted from it and I will probably leave them there to see if I actually get some potatoes. The compost bin is immediately to the right of the gate where you enter the garden


Here's a side view of the compost bin where you can see the kiwi that covers it.