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Daisy Duke Farm is a small, family owned farm in Mechanicsville, Virginia offering naturally grown flowers, fruits and vegetables. My focus is on heirloom varieties of non-genetically modified plants (non-GMO). I faithfully believe in sustainable growing practices so I save seeds to replant excellent varieties, I don't use pesticides or herbicides and utilize all-natural fertilizers. Yep, this means I work a lot harder at what I grow, but I think this greater effort results in a greater reward in quality, healthy plants and produce. As a gardener for over 30 years, I'm expanding my efforts to grow a bit more than we use this year to be able to sell the extras. Hopefully this will fund future expansion of our 5 acres in the years to come.

We also sell eggs and a few chickens. Our egg layers free range to get the very best bugs and weeds available. This makes their yolks very dark and rich.

Once upon a time, farmers recycled most things around the farm; they fed their excess or imperfect produce to their animals and recycled animal waste as fertilizer for the crops. They didn't use bug killers, powerful chemical fertilizers or weed killers. They used leaves and straw to mulch where needed to retain moisture and reduce weeds. They didn't purchase genetically modified seeds, such as those that cross a tomato with a flounder. They grew produce, saved seeds from the best specimens and replanted the next year. Wow, that seems so simple (read more)

Around these parts, Hanover County farmers have been famous for over a century for "selling their best, and eating the rest". I promise to uphold that tradition in everything I bring to market! This year we'll focus on cut flowers but certainly you can expect to get some of the best of those famous Hanover Tomatoes that are being lovingly cultivated in our front field! Check with us during the growing season to find out what's available.                                 


We started keeping chickens to have fresh eggs. But now our poultry flock has grown by leaps and bounds! I just can't help it - the more birds I get, the more I want. There's always just one more breed, one more egg color that I think I can't live without. At any given moment we likely have 80 or more chickens plus eggs in the incubators and broody hens sitting on eggs.

Keeping pet chickens is allowed in most areas of the city or suburbs, although on smaller lots you'll be limited in quantity to perhaps 3-6 hens and roosters aren't allowed. I've taken such delight in our chickens and have come to have my favorite breeds, so we're adding more of certain breeds to get better genetic diversity and be able to produce enough chicks to sell. Get breed advice & availability here.


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