Tips & tricks for growing CORN

I only plant corn every few years because I can't really grow a whole field of it, and either a storm or a band of squirrels seems to destroy it every time I try. This year I'm planting corn in a row out in our field because I REALLY love fresh corn. And I'm in complete denial that it will be lost again this year.

  • You MUST plant at least 2 rows of corn, but 4 is better. This not only aids in pollination but helps to hold the stalks upright as they support each other in high winds during storms.
  • Try planting your corn in blocks instead of long rows.
  • Plant seed 6" apart and leave 2' between rows.
  • Each silk on the tassel is connected to one kernel of corn.
  • Try planting corn using the "Three Sisters" method, where you plant corn, squash and beans together. The beans climb the corn stalks so no other support is needed, and the leaves of the squash help keep the ground covered in foliage to retain water.
  • For your first crop you may be successful growing lettuce between the rows of corn; the corn will help shade the lettuce, and you're growing a new veggie in what might otherwise be unused space.
  • Fertilize corn twice in its lifespan using a 10-10-10 fertilizer
    • once at 6-8" tall
    • again when the corn starts to tassel
  • Hill corn twice, which helps anchor the plants and protect them from being knocked over
    • once at 6-8" tall
    • again when it's 1' tall
  • If you have space, you can successively plant corn every 10-14 days through midsummer up to 90 days before the first fall frost.
  • Control weeds and retain moisture by mulching the plants
  • Harvest corn when the ear feels full and the silks have turned brown and dry. It will taste better if harvested in the afternoon and eaten or preserved immediately.


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