Companion Planting
Grow certain plants together to benefit your garden

Companion planting in your garden is the art and science of planting crops that benefit each other in close proximity. This allows you to maximize space and increase productivity.

For example, lettuce has shallow roots while carrots grow beneath the soil. By planting them together you take greatest use of your growing space. In the space between corn, grow beans that can climb the corn stalk.

Some flowers and herbs serve as trap crops for bugs, luring them away from your crops. For example, I grow loads of nasturtium in my garden. They ward off insects such s aphids, whiteflies and cucumber beetles while looking great. They will thrive even in poor soil and add such nice visual interest. As an added bonus, their flowers and leaves are edible and they're so pretty and tasty in a salad.

Click to enlarge the chart below which you can use as a helpful guide to what to plant together.