Chicken First Aid

I'm assembling treatments for common chicken health issues and emergency treatments here. I'm assembling it for my own use and since I'm not a veterinarian I would say to use any advice here at your own risk. If you're a pro then I'd really appreciate your input!

A good resource is

Problem Treatment How used Notes
Preventative for new chicks or sickly birds up to 1 year old, treat as cocci just in case Corid put it in a mason jar and it is cheaper and lasts forever. 1/3 tsp per Gallon preventative. 3/4 tsp per gal if you see any signs of depression ie. mild symptoms, 1 1/2 tsp per gallon for a severe outbreak thanks to Stacey Elizabeth (PCOV)

Lice, Mites
you'll see tiny white specs and/or bugs around face and vent


Move feathers aside and put 1cc on skin on back of neck;bantams .5cc, small or young birds 1-3 drop. Follow up again in 10 days sold in feed & seed stores. Sold for use in cattle. Some people still let eggs hatch after using but *DON'T EAT EGGS for 2 weeks after using. Wear gloves and wash hands well after handling.
Mites (2nd option) Frontline put on neck. No egg withdrawal necessary  
Mites (3rd option) Pyrethrin (head lice shampoo) put a drop under each wing, on the vent & on the back of the neck of each adult bird  
Mites (prevention) Garlic Float whole cloves in waterer, offer crushed fresh garlic or add garlic powder to feed  
Worms (except tapeworm)   Ivermectin same as lice,mite treatment see lice, mite treatment
Sour Crop
chicken is listless, won't eat, won't perch, squishy crop; brown liquid coming from beak

Apple Cider Vinegar
"with the mother" is best

withhold food; add a few teaspoons vinegar per liter of water. Vinegar works as both a preventative and a cure. Every 3-4 hours, turn chicken over onto her back in one hand and massage her crop. Nasty brown liquid should come out. The next day feed her yogurt to help replenish good bacteria Keep a supply of grit where your chickens can get it to help digest table food. Sour crop is a yeast infection, and cider vinegar contains cultures that help alkaize the body and replenish good bacteria
Sour crop can lead to  Vent Gleet
excess poop on butt, raw areas, swollen vent, depression, swollen abdomen
Bathe chicken to remove poop and soothe the skin. Apply anti-fungal such as athlete's foot cream 2x daily for 14 days. avoid feeding high water content foods while treating. Use garlic cloves and Apple Cider Vinegar in water as a preventative  
Respiratory Infection Tylan 50; .5cc for standard adults, .25cc for bantams.  Use 2x day for 5-7 days. Also use VetRx on comb, wattles and wingpits daily.

Video on how to administer the shot:

discard eggs for 10 days
Prolapsed Vent
it's a chicken hemorrhoid
Treat with Neosporin and Preparation H Isolate chicken to a dark quiet place and limit her food, but not her water, until the vent returns to normal  
Wry Neck
condition where chick can't hold up its head
Polysil or Poultry Cell vitamin supplement + a drop of Vitamin E

Mix with feed & a little water and the supplements. Tilt head if needed to get food into chick. Isolate chick so she doesn't get injured by other chicks.

Giving Vitamin E (available in capsules) also helps as a deficiency in Vit E is thought to be a cause of wry neck

may also add these supplements to the water
Splay Leg / Curled Toes on chicks   video  

Blood in droppings (cocci)

Corid add 2 teaspoons to 1 gallon of  water for 5 to 7 days, wait one week then treat again  
Bumblefoot thanks for this tip, Robin Rusk Gorton
What looks like MAREKS could be cocci Corid 3/4 tsp per gal if you see any signs of depression ie. mild symptoms, 1 1/2 tsp per gallon for a severe outbreak