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You will get the very best benefits from your efforts if you grow in raised garden beds. We've enjoyed a huge increase in yields since we started gardening in these raised beds that Mike built about 10 years ago, long before it became a trend.

We have 2 beds that are 3' x 40' and 6 beds 3' x 16'. We chose to just keep grass in the pathways, although many gardeners opt for mulched pathways. Our paths were perfectly sized to be cut with our zero-turn riding mower.

Here are the primary benefits of raised gardening:

  • EASIER ON THE BACK I'm not bending over so far so gardening isn't so strenuous. Everything ...
  • ...

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July 7, 2015 @ 5:33 PM

I had my surgeries for tennis elbow and trigger thumb last week. On day 2 I was going stir crazy and just had to get out in the garden. I worked out the little things I could do with my left hand such as weeding and picking berries and veggies and hugging chickens. Mike did a wonderful job of waiting on me, cooking, grocery shopping, feeding the critters and, well, doing everything for everybody. Thankfully it rained every day so there was no watering to be done, and I was forced inside quite a lot.

My surgeries were needed because my right hand and arm were practically unusable since last Christmas or so. This prevented me from doing as much in my yard as I usually do, so all my efforts were pretty much put into the veggie garden. Mike ...

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