March 24, 2015 @ 4:31 PM

Once upon a time, farmers recycled most things around the farm; they fed their excess or imperfect produce to their animals and recycled animal waste as fertilizer for the crops. They didn't use bug killers, powerful chemical fertilizers or weed killers. They used leaves and straw to mulch where needed to retain moisture and reduce weeds. They didn't purchase genetically modified seeds, such as those that cross a tomato with a flounder. They grew produce, saved seeds from the best specimens and replanted the next year.

Wow, that seems so simple. These days, if you farm this way you want to proclaim yourself "organic" and you must pay the government and submit to government testing and invasion of your farm to so much as ...

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March 19, 2015 @ 8:40 AM

How much money do you save by growing your own food?

I Googled the topic, and there are so many ways people use to calculate this, it’s difficult to comprehend. Plus there are so many variables that the answer just isn’t simple. Are you planting from seed, or planting seedlings? Do you buy seeds or save seeds? Do you have to buy soil amendments? Do you pay for your water, or does your water come from a well? Do you already own the garden tools you need? Can the items you already eat the most of be easily grown where you live? Do you buy lots of chemicals to help increase your yield?

What was pretty consistent in my research was a list of which produce is commonly most expensive to buy. While cost varies widely by the...

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