April 1, 2014 @ 11:38 AM

As I was cleaning out the fridge and cleaning up from breakfast, I was happy to notice all the things I'm recycling this morning:

  • A clam shell that held the root from the Boston lettuce we finished off from dinner last night. I plopped that root end of the lettuce into a glass and put it in my window, and it will grow another head! This being springtime, I can plant it outside in a week or so. The plastic clam shell I used to cover some lettuce that's already in the garden to help protect it from the chickens - they love digging in the fresh garden beds and this will keep the transplants from getting totally buried.
  • An empty pill bottle. I wash these out THOROUGHLY with soap and water, and store seeds in them.
  • Egg shells. ...
  • ...

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